Staying Busy

Last year I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop conducted by the world renowned Russian photographer Elena Shumilova. Earlier this year I attended another workshop by the glocal favorite Sam Hurd. It was a wonderful experience to attend these workshops and had a great chance to upgrade my portfolio.

Photography is a great stress buster. When time permits, I offer my services for free to local non-profits such as DC 127, Team River Runner, LRCP etc. It is always a very rewarding experience to work with such local organizations.

Emotions of a Photo

What does a photo do to you? Why is it important to have a photo record of even minor happenings in life?

The art of photography is a powerful component of human history - cataloging our entire existence on this planet. It allows us to share our most important junctures with whomever we please, a medium with which we capture a moment and make it time-resistant, guarding our memories, preserving our milestones and conserving our feelings at the moment the shutter clicks.

Think of your favorite photo - perhaps it’s a picture of your family, a snapshot from a recent vacation or just anything in your life that matters to you. It’s not the paper the photo is printed on that makes it valuable, it’s the subject itself. The memories you created are encased in that paper forever, allowing them to rush back into your mind every time you see it. We seek out certain pictures when we want to feel a certain way - be it nostalgia, joy or sadness. Photography lets us remember how we felt, what we could see, smell and touch at that moment. Photography gives us something physical to hold on to when the vacation is over, or when our family members are no longer there.  

Photography is an art that can be created, shared and enjoyed by all of us. By its very definition it is a social art, as every picture begins with a story, and all good stories end with a picture. Photography is everything from your mantelpiece to your Instagram to your wedding album to your high school yearbook, showcasing the things we’re most proud of, and sometimes the things we’d rather forget. 

Photography is the exhibition of our personal history - allowing us to relive days and seasons, or just see how much we’ve aged since our last driving license picture. We happily capture the minor things, our dogs playing in the park, group photos at dinner, days out and nights in, and we count on these photos of the minor things in life when they are no longer in our lives. 

At the end of our days, photography is a record of what we cared about, who we loved and how we lived. It’s the culmination of our most important moments and the people we shared them with. Photography is the juicy, embarrassing teen years and undeniable proof you once thought that hairstyle was a great idea. Its love, anger, affection and empathy. Its rage, remorse, warmth and fondness, it’s our short time on this planet immortalized forever. 

Photography doesn’t lie, it captures with accuracy. It exposes every truth, every whisper and every secret we ever hold within ourselves. It’s a passion, a way to express ourselves, share ourselves and be ourselves with no apologies. 

When we’re gone, it will be the photos that we leave behind that tell our story without words – illustrating our bodies, our minds and our personalities. 

Photography is the lasting impression we give to the earth to remember us by, our artistic footprint imprinted forever.